Note: Our ticketing system will be offline the morning of April 30th, but we'll re-open sales that afternoon/evening. You still have the option to purchase a ticket to access session recordings and community networking features through July 31.

Any proceeds from this special inaugural event will go towards moving Tracker Certification into its next phase as a newly-formed nonprofit. This conference is intended as a launching point to broaden accessibility to tracking certifications, offer new services and outreach, and fund much-needed administration of our organization. Thank you for attending, not just for access to great speakers and community resources, but for contributing to the growth of our organization and our nonprofit mission. 

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The Super-Supporter ticket is for those who are in a position to offer our budding organization a contribution beyond the cost of the conference

Tracker Certification provides leading-edge learning opportunities, resources, support, and professional certification for all who aim to become meaningfully connected to their place. Our trainings help people from all walks of life improve their skills as wildlife trackers, naturalists, conservationists, researchers, and educators. We aim to ensure the preservation and advancement of high-level, practical tracking skills and facilitate the application of viable tracking skill and traditional naturalist knowledge across a variety of fields including wildlife science, grassroots conservation, and local/regional natural history.

Our Whova online conference platform will remain active for all registrants through July 31!

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